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SGLEH has always prided itself on its greatest strength and asset, i.e., its people. The relationship between the employer and employee in SGLEH is characterized by openness and trust. The employees are seen as responsible and committed individuals.

Siliguri is a narrow stretch of land, only 21 to 40 km in width, that connects India’s north- eastern states to the rest of India. Therefore it is called Chicken’s Neck or the Central Node that connects Bhutan, Nepal, Sikkim, Darjeeling hills, north-east India and the rest of India. There is an airport called Bagdogra 20 kilometers away from the Hospital and there is a daily connecting flight between New Delhi/Kolkata and Guwahati. The place is well connected by rail and bus as well.

With shopping malls, convent schools, hotels and business centers, Siliguri is a fast growing city with a cosmopolitan environment. It is surrounded by large number of tea estates and several popular tourist destinations like Darjeeling and Gangtok.

The cost of living in Siliguri is usually very low compared to metro cities. Accommodation facilities are easily available.

Experience Needed
Date of Joining
Number of Openings
Eye OT In-charge
1 Year
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