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SGLEH gives special attention to kids eye care and have a dedicated Child eye care centre, the only eye care centre in NorthBengal. The space ensures a playful friendly area were they could experience an interactive and engaging atmosphere whileundergoing treatment. The process eases a child and takes out the fear in them that they experience in front of a Doctor and hence facilitating the treatment. One of the most important part of the screening process is on job observation of the Optometry Interns with a Senior Optometrist. On job participation does not only provides better clarity, learn better but also help you involve with the patient, and act as a bridge creating awareness, sensitizing the parent on the importance of probing to early diagnose and bring a child for treatment. This overall helps these future health careprofessionals to ingrain empathy and support towards the patient


Number of children screened (including patient walk-in and outpatient entry at Vision Centres)


Number of paediatric eye surgery 

(cataract, squint, pterygium etc.)


Among the children with refractive error, were found to be myopic


Children were found suffering with astigmatism

Inferences 2019-20

“Here, our Senior Optometrist Monalisa Saha Chakraborty is counseling a father whose child was suffering with acute eye macular degeneration due to malnutrition of her mother during pregnancy which resulted in child's stunted growth.” We in health care bear the responsibility to not only provide treatment but also necessary thrust to create right kind of awareness in the society. 50% of the visual impairment in children is completely treatable but requires early intervention and diagnosis as with age impairment and difficulty in vision due to amblyopia matures and becomes untreatable. Only in the year 2018 – 19 more than 9000+ children were brought under the hospital umbrella care and where provided with necessary information, comprehensive screening including both invasive and non-invasive surgical aid. With growing responsibilities crucial inclusions where made at policy level with the introduction of Child Safeguarding Policy at the hospital in the year 2018-2019 and immediately implemented to ensure better safety and care to the children and the handler within the hospital premises.

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