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  • Where are you located?
    We are located in Siliguri on 2nd Mile Sevoke Road, Behind Vishal Cinema.
  • Provide us with your detailed location
    If you are coming from Sikkim or Malbazar and entering into Siliguri through Sevoke Road then it is only 2 kilometres away from the check post. If you are coming from Darjeeling More than without turning left towards the underpass to Hill Cart road please continue towards Champasari straight to Check post. Take a steep right to Sevoke Road and continue as explained above. While, coming through Nauka Ghat you can reach the hospital taking a right turn from Air View More and then further taking Sevoke Road. If you take this way the hospital will fall towards your left. Distance From Bagdogra Airport ---17 Kms -- Siliguri Greater Lions Eye Hospital New Jalpaiguri Railway Station --- 7 Kms --- Siliguri Greater Lions Eye Hospital ​ Here is our Google Map Link to help you find us
  • How can we contact you?
    Connecting to us is very easy. You can contact us on any day between 9:00 am to 8:00 pm evening on our helpline number 97333 00090. You can also write to us on We are also very active on Facebook where you can like our page and engage anytime with other everyday participants on our page. Here is our Page Link:
  • Do the Hospital have West Bengal Health Scheme(WBHS) Availing Facility?
    Yes, you can avail WBHS Scheme facilities at the hospital including all surgical and admission facilities under WBHS. The hospital is the most trusted and biggest eye care institution to have WBHS Grade 1 hospital with provision of all WBHS specialty facilities. For more information your can write to or visit us immediately
  • Is Mediclaim or other Health Insurance facilities available at the hospital?
    Yes, you can avail hospital services using any of your Health Insurance or TPA card. The hospital has a dedicated Admissions section which also takes care of all your health Insurances and TPAs related formalities including all your queries. For more information, you can write to or visit us immediately
  • What are the services offered by the hospital?
    You may have come across our hospital page on Facebook or Google. The hospital is a super speciality eye care hospital with all eye care specialities of Retina, Glaucoma, Cornea, Paediatric, and General Ophthalmology including Advanced Cataract Phaco surgery. Siliguri Greater Lions Eye Hospital is the oldest most trusted and biggest eye hospital in North Bengal and Sikkim restoring vision since 1981. It is also the first and the only eye care institutionto have received NABH Certification in North Bengal and Sikkim.
  • My Doctor said I have refractive error but there is no power prescription provided to me?
    You may have been diagnosed with Refractive Error and have received a power prescription by the Doctor but our internal process issues you your power prescription only from the Optical Shop from where you can collect it. This does not mean that it is compulsory for you to buy the Spectacle from our Optical Shop and it remains at your discretion if you want to buy the spectacle from the Optical shop or not.
  • What are the minimum and maximum cost for Advanced Cataract Phaco surgery?
    Advanced Cataract Phaco surgery by Superior Centurion Phaco machine including Intra Ocular Lens costs only 7000/- and goes up to 60,000/- INR depending on the choice you make on the quality of Lens and according to the prescription of the Doctor.
  • What are the OPD charges?
    The OPD Charges at the hospital includes your comprehensive eye screening and Doctor consultation at 300/- Only. All the facilities including Doctor Consultation and Optometrist Check-up, Eye Pressure Check, Refraction, Retinoscopy, Ophthalmoscopy are included into the OPD charge.
  • I want to organize a camp at my location. How shall I contact you?
    The hospital has a robust outreach mechanism through which we conduct more than 700 eye screening camps in a year at remote regions of North Bengal. And to organize a Camp in your area with a formal request letter is very much possible. Please, contact our Operations Department at
  • I am a ____________. I want job?
    Please contact out Human Resource Department for all your queries with a completed Resume
  • I have just completed my Optometry and want to do my Internship at the Hospital?
    Please contact our Training Department at for all further correspondence.
  • I want to receive training in Optometry courses from your Institution?
    Please contact our Training Head for all further guidance and correspondence.
  • What are the charges of the services?
    The hospital has a range of more than 150+ services catering various quality ophthalmic care solutions. We are afraid we are unable to understand of which particular service you are concerned to know about. Why don’t you visit the hospital first or call us at +91 97333 00090. You can also write us at The OPD Charges at the hospital which includes your comprehensive eye screening, eye pressure check, refraction, slit lamp examination and Doctor consultation is 300/- respectively. We are the only hospital which does not have internal referral fees. This means that if your Ophthalmologist detects something that requires consultation with a different specialty e.g. Retina or Glaucoma, you are not asked to pay for the same again.
  • Will I be charged seperately for the Lens cost? Can we provide the Lens seperately for the Cataract surgery.
    We are sure you are asking of the Intra Ocular Lens(IOL) that is inserted inside the Lens Capsule after the Cataract is removed and replaced with an artificial Lens during Cataract surgery. We do not consider IOL cost separately and it is included within the cost of the surgery package. To maintain quality of provided Lens and Safety in treatment we maintain a strict protocol to provide all the surgery equipments including IOLs from the hospital. The minimum cost of Advanced Cataract Phaco surgery which includes Foldable Lens starts & 7000/- only.
  • Am I safe at the hospital against COVID?
    As the only NABH certified eye hospital we understand the responsibility we have towards our patients in providing a safe eye care space to them. Apart, from existing medical regulations to add the hospital is also strictly following WHO and Health Ministry regulations to put COVID at bay and provide you treatment in a COVID Safe eye care facility.
  • Is the hospital open for surgery during these COVID times?
    Yes, with the precautionary measures taken by the health care staff the hospital is all the more safe for any surgical intervention and need of care to our patients.
  • Can I talk to the Doctor directly over the phone?
    Offcourse you can. We today are providing medical consultation over video call also know as Teleconsultation. The process is very user friendly and our health care staff is always at their toes to help you simplify the process further. We use Whatsapp platform for Video Consultation making the technology usable to everyone. But first, You just need to fill up the form at or Call 97333 44485
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