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A simple eyeglass or spectacle can help you see better and bring joy on your face. Eyeglasses are the easiest and safest method of vision correction.

Refraction error does not always happen because of any negligence in eye care. A child as young as 2 years can have a difficulty in vision due to refractive error. It can be a natural occurrence due to which focusing light accurately on to the retina may become difficult. Your continuous head ache, shrinking of eyes while watching Television or hypersensitivity towards sunlight, strain on eyes while reading, or inability to see distant or close objects maybe because of Refractive error, also known as refraction error.

To provide a 360-degree umbrella where you can find all your eye health needs under one single roof at SGLEH we have the best and most comprehensive Optical Shop within the hospital premises. Best quality eye lenses and spectacles are offered to you at minimal rates so that everyone can afford quality eyeglasses. The optical shop has a range of eyeglasses
and lenses starting from a minimal range to high-end glasses to suit your need and standard.

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