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Hospital Board

An Eye Hospital Core Committee is formed every two year under the leadership of an elected Chairman from members of Lions Club of Siliguri Greater. This Core Committee takes all important policy decisions and oversees functioning of the management team of the hospital.


Group Chairman          : Lion Binayamrit Mundra
Group Vice Chairman : Lion Mahendra Prasad Bansal

Unit Wise

Unit 1 -

Chairman          : Lion Rajesh Agarwal
Co-Chairman    : Lion Sharad Rathi

Unit 2 -

Chairman          : Lion Bishnu Kedia
Co-Chairman    : Lion Dilip Agarwal

Unit 3 -

Chairman          : Lion Ashish Ch. Paul
Co-Chairman    : Lion Pikesh Saha

Unit 4 -

Chairman          : Lion Vikash Bansal
Co-Chairman    : Lion Pramode Garg 


H R Committee                     : Lion Santosh Mitruka

Finance & Accounts            : Lion Ramesh Kumar Agarwal

Outreach & Vision Centre  : Lion Neeraj Poddar

Donor & Fund Raising         : Lion Yogendra Goel                                     

Marketing & Promotion    : Lion Pradip Agarwal

Assets Maintenance          :  Lion B. S. Barmi                                             

Optical & Pharmacy          : Lion Rupesh Agarwal & Lion Narendra Agarwal

Training Institute               : Lion Suresh Sinhal

Unit I Renovation                 : Lion Praveen Jhawar

          PRO                                : Lion Vinay Bazaz


PDG Lion P. K Shah
PDG Lion P. C. Maskara
PDG Lion G. S. Hora
PDG Lion Dr. R. K. Agarwal  

Ex officio

                      President Club 2022-23 - Lion S. P Singh Tiwari  

                      Secretary Club 2022-23 - Lion Dhiraj Golyan 

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