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The cornea is the transparent window covering the front part of the eye. It focuses light on the retina for clear vision. It is so clear that you may not even realize it is there. The cornea is like a watch glass that covers the inner structures of the eye like the iris, pupil, and lens. Siliguri Greater Lions Eye Hospital Corneal Service comprises of a dynamic consultant of Cornea sub-specialty Ophthalmology who are skilled in the latest medical and surgical care of patients with corneal, external eye and anterior segment diseases. Tertiary referral services are provided for both local and neighboring states & countries patients with these conditions.

  • Disease managed by us included -

  • Infections keratitis / Corneal Ulcers

  • Ocular Surface Disorders Including  Dry Eyes

  • Corneal Transplantation 

  • Collagen Cross-Linking (C3R) for Keratoconus

  • Contact Lens related problems 

The list of our service include:

  • Corneal transplants - various techniques

  • penetrating Keratoplasty (optical, therapeutic PK)

  • Lamellar Keratoplasty 

  • Ocular surface tumour surgery and management

  • Corneal perforation management with cyanoacrylate glue and Bandage Contact Lens

  • Panchal plugging for dry eyes

  • Repair of anterior segment trauma and rehabilitation

  • Fitting of Contact Lenses

Inferences 2019-20


Persons were screened through direct walk-in and internal referral diagnosed with Cornea related ailment


Cornea transplant surgeries where conducted


Pairs of cornea collected from individuals after consent from their family or individual pledge after demise


Corneal repair and other procedures conducted

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