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Keeping Access To Treatment Paramount

Pampa Dey is 36 years old and is already a mother of two having a 13 year old son and a 9 year old daughter. Being married at a very young age of 21, and with a life partner who respected her will and freedom of expression Pampa only grew as an aware, and

independent women having complete control over her own life and decisions. With her

husband to her support Pampa could today seek medical help and come on her own without any assistance or escort which is often imposed on women.

Pampa was diagnosed at our hospital with a rare condition, Marfan syndrome that mainly affected her vision giving birth to multiple eye conditions including low vision and subluxated lens since childhood. But due to unavailability of medical help and limited resources her parents could only provide her treatment in the form of Spectacles. Life was well when last year she started seeing everything yellow, with increased mobile eye balls or fluctuation of vision, impaired accommodation and high astigmatism. She was referred to us from Raiganj.

At the hospital our Vitreo Retina Specialist Dr. Sandeep Anjankar took her case with

responsibility and was determined that Pampa's spirit may never see a new low. When Pampa first came to us with increased deterioration of the retina and subsequent Retinal Detachment, with Nucleus Drop in the right eye(Lens drop inside the vitreous) there was minimal chances of her complete recovery. Under careful care and treatment of Dr. Sandeep Anjankar she not only recovered her vision but also became an inspiration to many in her region advocating for early access to treatment and increased participatory behavior in encouraging women inside family and in the society to access health care without delay.

Often even when we come from able families we constantly practice a behavior of neglect towards health care, more so towards woman. Having concern and a steadfast attitude towards accessing health care, being aware of your ailment is the most basic behavior that every human being needs to posses for which the hospital advocates strongly and urges for.

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