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Help support our cause ‘Hope in Sight’ and spread the word on social media about eye health and World Sight Day. Join us using the hashtags, #SightFirstWorldSightDay, #SFWSD and #HopeInSight. 


Key Messages to be used for promotion through all Social Media platforms

50% of people suffering from Diabetes do not know that it can cause permanent Retina impairment.

22% of people never discussed risk of visual impairment with their Doctor due to Diabetes.

20% of World’s Visually impaired lives in India. 80% of them are treatable.

Early Interception and Early Diagnosis is the Key to Early Treatment

Absence Of Access To Basic Quality Eye Care Is The Greatest Of All Irony

Creating Accessible Eye Care Space across (your region of treatment dissemination)

Participating In Making Eye Care Accessible To them who could not reach by themselves is the greatest of all joy.

In addition, 2.6 billion people have myopia, including 312 million children under 19 years of age

196 million people living with age-related macular degeneration

146 million people living with diabetic retinopathy

277 million people living with high myopia

Facebook & Twitter (some specific messages to be used for creating your own campaign)


1.2 Billion people need #glasses to see better.

More than 75% of visual impairment is avoidable. Share a photo and help get the word out: #HopeInSight #SFWSD2020 #SightFirstWorldSightDay

Do your photos capture COVID-19’s impact? We’ll showcase all COVID-19 photos in a special album this time in our WSD special publication.  #HopeInSight

I believe universal eye health is possible. This eye exam is the 1st step towards prevent the harmful affect of Diabetic Retinopathy. #HopeInSight #SightFirstWorldSightDay

Loss of vision due to Diabetic Retinopathy is irreversible. Act now in preventing DR steal your vision.  #DiabeticRetinopathy #SFWSD2020

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