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"Punar Jyoti" Restoring Vision Through Cornea Transplant

Kamala Mandal 62, is one such beneficiary who came to the hospital with her husband from Dhupguri, a small township 80 km away from Siliguri when she was intercepted through Greater Lions Vision Centre, Mayanaguri. A mother of 4 daughters and 2 sons who are all grownups Kamala’s only support today is her husband Buddheshwar Mandal. At 69 Buddheshwar couldn’t wait to bring her to the hospital and took charge of his wife’s wellbeing discussing her entire case with the Doctor. At the hospital seeing her Referral card the patient care executive directly referred her to our Cornea Specialist Dr Rajiv Kumar from AIIMS, Delhi with Advanced Cornea Specialization.

While providing details of her ailment Buddheshwar informed Dr Rajiv that they opted to undergo Cataract surgery in Nepal where due to surgical error Kamala’s cornea was injured badly and she lost her vision. Kamala was only able to perceive light. Despite going to the hospital in Nepal continuously, they were left untreated without any responsibility taken; while, other places also raised their hands informing it is beyond treatable in the region.

At the hospital after a thorough check-up, Dr Rajiv Kumar assured Kamala that her vision can be revived. After explaining the procedure of surgery and taking consent for Cornea transplant from both Kamala and Buddheshwar, Kamala went through Cornea Transplant surgery. While, interviewing them after 11 days of surgery during their follow up visit Buddheshwar said that it is only due to God’s grace that Kamala found an institution as Greater Lions and prayed for the person's soul whose eyes were gifted to her wife. With careful considerations, conscious initiatives can be taken to empower and adopt a person in need within the society, by society. Kamala today has a vision of 6/12 which is only improving day by day.

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