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Consciousness Above Religion

Living in Oodlabari Noor Bano Begum is only 28 and already a mother of 3 children. Married at a very young age of 18 she was already engaged with life fully from taking care of her children, and in-laws; while her husband took care of the family poultry business. A dutiful mother who always stood on her toes to ensure better care and upbringing to her children a sudden loss of vision was like her entire world slipped away; all lost to darkness. Her vision became very limited and the pain was unbearable.

Unlike many families where often woman face seclusion and access to health care becomes an elusive affair; her in-laws encouraged her to quick treatment and without any delay, her brother-in-law brought her to the nearest primary eye care centre at Malbazar. At the centre, our Senior Optometrist Probir without any delay referred her to the Retina Department of the hospital.

On visiting the hospital, she was directly escorted to the Retina Department to Dr Sandeep Anjankar. On her preliminary examination, Dr Sandeep noticed that her Retina looked completely healthy but there was a certain lag in her ocular mobility which intrigued him that something is obstructing the image signals from the eyes to reach to the brain. Noor Bano was hardly able to perceive any light. To know the case with depth Dr Sandeep asked her to undergo CT – Scan and MRI immediately, and as doubted she was diagnosed with Retro Bulbar Optic Neuritis which is an inflammation affecting the optic nerve behind the eyeball without ophthalmoscopic manifestations in the fundus or Retina.

Through careful management of the condition and thorough treatment aided with support from her family who ensured regular follow-up and medication, she recovered with a 6/6 full vision. And we understood that human wellbeing is indeed in our hands and that is how God want us to take responsibility of our wellbeing. It is us who have to participate, take aware and conscious efforts to never delay treatment.

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