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Early Diagnosis Leads To Early Treatment

Recently, DIG BSF, Kishanganj(Bihar) Sir Amrit Lal Tirkey visited our Hospital with Commandent(Medical) SHQ BSF Officer Dr Shekhar Shakya for Cataract surgery consultation. While, undergoing consultation our Senior Ophthalmologist Dr. Manisha Madhab Choudhary also identified a Corneal scar which he recalled as a sports injury that caused few years back. To check if the damage may not affect the vision field after Cataract Surgery he was referred to the Retina Department where Dr. Sandeep Anjankar also asked him to undergo OCT Diagnostic test.

The 1989 Batch Officer from Ranchi is a Post Graduate in Economics who walked an extra mile to start as an Assistant Commisioner Central Police to quench his unprecedented zeal of serving his country and its people. We got few moments to hear him and discuss many aspects of his endeavor in life. Having served all the border frontiers of the country from East to West, Jammu and Kashmir to Mizoram he says that a person through his inner eyes keeps himself conscious, sane and respond to his inner calling. But to walk the path and visualize this world as it is, well being of the external eyes are important. Hence, one should not allow times or circumstances delay treatment when it comes to the well being of eyesight.

Sir Tirkey underwent micro phaco surgery and recovered with a 6/6 Distant vision. As a host these are the stories that we want to tell everyone, as for eye care early diagnosis and treatment is crucial.

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