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Only Child Eye Care Centre In North Bengal

Krishna and Rajesh adopted Laxmi their daughter and bundle of joy. For the first time in life Krishna felt her life was complete and ushered all the love she had on Laxmi.

But, as Laxmi grew older her parents witnessed that Laxmi was experiencing constant light sensitivity and couldn't walk alone without holding on to her parents. Krishna says that Laxmi would also see sideways keeping her face turned and easily forget things which she was taught a minute back. The situation became alarming to them when Laxmi fall ill and Krishna took opportunity to also get her eye check-up at the Civil hospital in Siliguri when the Doctor diagnosed Laxmi with Paediatric Cataract.

Rajesh is a Street Vendor. For him taking out time from his daily work means loss of a day's wage. Hence, Krishna took Laxmi to Nepal to only find that they do not have paediatric speciality is when she was told by one of her family friend to visit us. At the hospital Paediatric Optometrist Manidipa help Laxmi to slowly ease and ungo preliminary screening and after thorough check-up Dr. Nitu Khadse operated her for congenital cataract of both eyes. Seeing Laxmi able to walk on her own and responding to visual reflexes Krishna's eyes became wet.

Krishna is not educated but her careful observation, inquiry and immense love for Laxmi

ensured that she bring her child to treatment. Being aware is not always about being

educated. Being aware more means being responsive, and conscious to human calling to pain and better well being.

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