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Only Child Eye Care Centre In North Bengal

Jayprakash ji is a “Bhajan Gayak” from Durgapur 500 kms from Siliguri who earn his living singing psalms, hymns in auspicious celebrations and occasions with his Mandali. And it was only after 15 years of marriage when Jayaprakash and Sonam his wife finally were blessed with a child. But, soon they realized their bundle of joy “Devbrata” was not responding to visual stimulus properly. Devbrata was suffering from congenital Cataract a rare condition whose incidences vary from 1.2-6 cases per 10,000 births. Jayaprakash who himself has squint utterly, troubled didn't let the country-wide lockdown hold him and the father & mother took emergency permissions to reach to every hospital at all corners to have received only delay and denial when they were suggested to visit Siliguri Greater Lions Eye Hospital. When Jayaprakash visited the hospital his hopeful callings didn’t go unanswered and emergency Cataract surgery was conducted taking all COVID Safety precautions. Devbrata recovered light sensitivity and started responding to visual stimulus immediately after the surgery. Seeing their child now discovering his parent's face for the first time caressing their faces, relating their voice with their face made Jayaprakash and Sonam's eyes wet and his grandfather cry. Treatment cannot be delayed despite what may life throws at you, and it is only your conscious decisions supported by an equally supportive family that makes appropriate and timely treatment accessible. And we encourage you for the same. #EarlyAccessToTreatment #EarlyAccess #CongenitalCataract #InsectionalParticipation #OnlyChildEyeCareCentreInNorthBengal

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Ehtisham Ahmed
Ehtisham Ahmed
Jul 30, 2021

<a href=""></a> 958, the year when Amanat Eye Hospital opened its doors for public, at Rawalpindi. The first private eye hospital of the city. As we moved step by step, staying abreast with the latest technology of the field, we marked our presence and our foot print for others to follow. Today we stand in our realm with a crown on our head, cherishing every accomplishment with a pride and with humility for we owe it to our patients.

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