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Participating In Accessing Eye Care

Ankan is the first child of Reshmi and Prasanjeet Sutradhar. For them, the emotions of being a parent are newly found and Prashanjeet says they are overwhelmed with the emotional tide that has brought more contentedness to their lives.

But, short-lived as they say was the happiness, when they started to observe in their child difficulty looking at any bright object also commonly called “Photophobia”. While, Prasanjeet thought it would pass as Ankan would grow in age but, with a heart of a mother Reshmi recognized her child wanting to stay at dark always and having constant watering of both eyes. Realizing an unfound ailment and asymmetry of the eye she discussed the same with her husband Prasanjeet and both without any delay reached out to all nearest eye care centres in Madarihat. The struggle to ensure Ankan early treatment took them to nearest Public Health Centre and resort to Homeopathy to avail of an assuring medical aid. Realizing growing discomfort in the child, now exceeded to continuous crying.

Coming from a humble family taking Ankan to any eye super specialty in Chennai or Hyderabad was difficult, when their neighbour suggested them to visit the nearest Greater Lions Vision Centre in Banarhat before exploring other options during this difficult COVID pandemic. On visiting Greater Lions Vision Centre at Banarhat, our Optometrist at the Centre Vikas carefully examined and Ankan was immediately reffered to the super specialty at Siliguri.

At the hospital, our Glaucoma Specialist Dr. Susmita Paul took Ankan into immediate cognizance, and after thorough check-up Ankan was diagnosed with Buphthalmos or enlargement of the eye ball caused due to congenital Glaucoma an ailment which is caused by increasing fluid pressure built up in the eye from birth which now had developed to cause Ankan immense photosensitivity, continuous and excruciating pain and fear of losing vision. Dr. Susmita is one of the very few Doctors who is known for her clarity in explaination and personalized involvement with her patients. It did not took much time for her to receive attention from Ankan who started responding without any behavioral barriers which made it easier to administer treatment effectively.

After thorough ocular evaluation, Ankan underwent Trabeculotomy / Trabeculectomy Glaucoma surgery of the right eye after just 6 months of birth. Today, he is leading a normal life with completely healthy eyes gasping life with his bright beautiful vision. On asking Prasanjeet if it was a difficult period for them, he said, “offcourse, it was an alarming situation and it is difficult to watch your child in pain, but it is good that he received his treatment early and will not remember any of it while growing up. If he is well, then nothing else really matters.”

A child is without words and has yet not understood what is a normal vision. Hence, a parent has a huge responsibility upon them to probe, be vigilant in understanding child’s odd behaviour and never delay to access treatment. After all your efforts, or expenditure all lay small in front of the well being of your child.

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