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When Parents Set Good Examples To Children

Vivek is now 11 years old. His friends always made fun of him for his eye condition "squint" but also placed a bet asking Vivek that if he recovers back to normal they would give him a treat of Sweets. Our conversation with Vivek started on this candid note. Vivek didn't had squint since birth. But, his condition developed later at the age of 4 when his left eye muscles gradually weakened resulting it to dive deep towards the nose. But, gradually with age both of his eye developed the same condition.

Radhe Shyam Yadav his father is a hard working young man working at Torrent

Pharmaceuticals near Singtham, Sikkim who ignored his wife's continuous urge and worried inquiry to look into their son's eye condition. It was not late when Radhe Shyam first noticed the condition and panicked. Together, both the parent brought their son to the local health facility but to no avail of treatment. There seeking for better treatment took them to their home town in Baliya, Uttar Pradesh where the Doctor suggested regular eye exercise, yoga and patching to strengthen his weak eye muscles.

With constant visit to Baliya, yet unchanging eye condition Radhe Shyam and Manju started loosing hope when his friend Madan Lal who owns a Pan Shop in Singtham invited them to see his daughter who was suffering with the same condition and underwent surgery at our hospital. Seeing her completely recovered changed his mind/ doubts and Radhe Shyam brought Vivek to us with the hope of a cure.

Here at the hospital our Paediatric eye specialist Dr. Nitu Khadse conducted a thorough eye check-up & advised Radhe Shyam that the degree of Squint with which Vivek is suffering needs a surgery. Squint is a condition were in 20% cases there is a recurrence after the surgery. After been informed Radhe Shyam said "Its better to opt for the cure than preventing treatment in fear of the odds" and Vivek underwent for Alternate Esotropic squint surgery.

He informed us that his friends bought him sweets when he went back home completely cured. While, leaving we received a promise from Vivek that he would study very well to make his parents proud. As it was their prompt action to access eye care and awareness to not deny treatment to Vivek is why he would play without being taunted or having a fear of tomorrow.

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