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Bringing Ownership Through Eye Care Choices

Chun Chun Lhamu, now 72 is ex-principal of Government Deurali Girls Senior Secondary School in Gangtok. Living proud with her family she was always the leading decision maker at home which reflects in the conviction she has over her own thoughts and which in turns shows the respect she receives at her home from her family.

Loss of confidence, conviction, and ability to illustrate self quality mostly happens when you experience immense neglect, and continuous denial. Chun Chun Lhamu gave us the sense what women can achieve with a loving and supporting family and the contentedness that grew in her with it. She was diagnosed with Cataract in Gangtok, when her cousin brother who is an ENT specialist asked her to visit our hospital. And for us we got another chance to build a beautiful relationship.

Dr. Rajiv Kumar is one of the finest Ophthalmologist in North Bengal who joined us from

AIIMS. For him individual success is determined with the quality of life and relationship he can build with his patients. With Chun Chun ji it was just another such opportunity. Dr. Rajiv took her case diligently and without delay Chun Chun Lamu underwent Cataract Phaco surgery.

But, this was a special surgery. When even after you undergo advanced phaco surgery the best quality of Intra Ocular lenses(IOL) restricts your view to faraway objects. Hence, mostly even after surgery a patient has to wear Near Vision Glasses to be able to see objects close to them. Understanding the difference Chun Chun ji opted for Pan Optic Lens, a kind of Intra Occular superiority that gives the person the ability to navigate between both near and distant vision without any a need of external glasses.

This is Chun Chun ji after the surgery on her follow-up visit after a week and with a vision which didn't needed a spectacle to aid her beautiful vision.

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