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Siliguri Greater Lions Eye Hospital
Siliguri Greater Lions Eye Hospital


The problem of avoidable blindness in the unavailability of early intervention towards eye care has been a major concern in the Indian healthcare scenario, especially in North Bengal. The undulating mountainous terrains of North Bengal covered with lush green tea bushes and hard to reach hamlets have a huge population vulnerable to visual impairment owing to a lack of basic eye-care facilities.

​Understanding that in a developing country like India the government alone cannot meet the health care demands of the aspiring population hence to facilitate the outcome few socially conscious members of Lions Club of Siliguri Greater dreamt of an Eye Care Institute to serve the people of Eastern India, and hence Siliguri Greater Lions Eye Hospital was envisaged in 1981. 

In the past three decades, the organization’s approach has undergone a sea change. Different sub-specialties have been added from time to time according to the requirement of the community. Today, the hospital has evolved into a tertiary level super-specialty hospital. A sliding scale fee structure was introduced to enable people from different economic strata to receive high-quality eye care services at an affordable cost. Thus, SGLEH has successfully established itself as the largest eye care service provider of North Bengal and Sikkim to a large extent reduced its dependency on external funding agencies to manage basic eye care services in the region.



Cataract Operation with World's Best Phaco Surgery Machine.


SGLEH has set up first dedicated Child-friendly Paediatric Eye Care Centre in North Bengal.


Latest equipment and operation facilities for all cases related to Retina.


Clear vision for all is our aim at SGLEH, Cornea examination facilities at your service.


Glaucoma diagnostic resources committed in providing check-up and treatment facilities for all.


Leading provider of general services 7 days a week, we are devoted to immediate eye care support.


Years Of Experience

4.5 Lakh+

Beneficiaries Avail Service Every Year


Surgeries Every Year


Skilled Healthcare Staff At Your Service


Hospitals & 62 primary eye care centre



“What I liked most about the hospital is the empathy with which I was treated throughout my stay which is rare today. ”

Sudha Sharma

School Principal

Most of the Doctors there try to give you fear to compel you for treatment. The good thing in practice at Greater Lions is the transparent and detailed explaination that the Doctor and the Optometrist provides you with which takes away the fear in us.

Rajya Laxmi Pradhan

Bramha Kumaris

Exceptionally educated and morally behaved staff who knows their work well. It was an eye opener seeing a Charity hospital with all top equipment and such high administrative competence. 

Sandhya Bhattacharya

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